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We currently live overseas and after a few years here have determined that the public schools are really not meeting my kids needs academically, and there is a lot of time being wasted in class, excessive holidays/days off, etc. I became frustrated with the public school system here, but unfortunately we can’t afford to pay private school for 3 kids, so I started to look into homeschooling them. I work from home, so I needed to find a program that would allow them to work mostly independently while I put in my work hours. I was very happy to find Acellus and chose it over other programs because of this among other things. The video instruction (rather than just info or slides to read) is great, and the accreditation for my son’s H.S. diploma gives me peace of mind, not to mention its affordability with the mentoring program. Thank you Acellus Academy! The program is working well for us so far and definitely made the idea of Homeschooling much less daunting. My 11th grader says he really likes this “no-nonsense” way to “do school”, distraction-free without the tons of wasted time they had in regular school.”

– Melissa P.

Credit: Acellus Academy – Official Parent Support Group, Facebook

We decided after the experience we’ve been having at my son’s school, it was time to make a change. I don’t think he has been this excited about school and this excited to hear how he is progressing since he was in Kindergarten, and he is in 6th Grade! I really love being able to review work immediately and check progress, etc. I’m seeing him express the desire to learn more day to day things (like understanding and seeing measuring cups and spoons in order to put a visual on serving sizes). He wanted to learn how to make his own “flipped” fried egg. I had him watch me closely the first time, and upon his turn, he successfully flipped his own egg with no mess or breaks! He was so excited and I am certain that the accomplishment he is feeling because of this program is directly related.

Please pass along our humble gratitude to Roger Billings for offering this scholarship program! Such a generous gesture to open this opportunity to so many more people. I hope it lasts for many years to come.”

– Missy M.

Credit: Parent – Kentucky, USA

My youngest attended “brick & mortar” school until his sophomore year in HS. He never adjusted well to school and was just kind of going through the motions. It just wasn’t a good fit for my him and he always seemed indifferent and uninspired. He was the one who actually came to us with the idea of homeschooling for the remainder of his high school years. Needless to say, we were very nervous and full of doubt, but after a lot of research and praying, we took the leap of faith and chose Acellus Academy. Looking back (which I know we shouldn’t) I wish I had homeschooled both of my sons from day one.”

– Lisa T.

Credit: Acellus Academy – Official Parent Support Group, Facebook

A friend recommended Acellus to me. After a few years of struggling with school refusal, depression, and anxiety at our local traditional middle school, my son came to me after only a few months of his freshman year in high school and said, “I just can’t do this.” For someone who had never homeschooled, Acellus offered me an accredited solution in a box, to be quite frank. His traditional school counselors were not supportive because they said he wouldn’t stick with online school either. But he was missing so much school at that point I needed a new direction. We started last October with four classes and after just a few weeks he said he could do Acellus….and he has. He likes the flexibility and working at his own pace. When his anxiety flares up, we simply take a break for a week or two. I have to monitor him closely, but he is seeing and feeling success, which has been very positive. He wants to graduate from Acellus and is talking about college now. He took the PSAT this spring and his scores went up. Overall, it has been a game changer for us.”

– Shari N.

Credit: Acellus Academy – Official Parent Support Group, Facebook

This program is amazing! My 7 year old was pulled from public school. He’s slightly gifted, but has issues with reading/writing at times. 4 months ago we pulled him to homeschool through Acellus Academy. I used a third party standardized test when he first began. It placed him at grade level 2.3. Four months later he was done with an entire grade level (on his own!) so I retested him to see if he actually learned anything. He jumped to grade level 3.7! In FOUR months! Amazing progress, with a great system. I also love being able to spend more time with him and live outside of the barrier traditional schools have.

This program should be more widely used by all parents! He’s now doing fourth grade math at age 7! Seven! Amazing!”

– Cheryl M.

Credit: Parent – Kansas, USA

I researched our many “home school” online options. We chose Acellus Academy because it seemed to be the best fit & it is accredited. And, boy, am I glad we did! My 5th-6th grade student has thrived <3 She loves it, has learned more & maintains straight A’s / 4.0 GPA”

– Lori C.

Credit: Acellus Academy – Official Parent Support Group, Facebook

After using books and online schooling it became obvious that Lucas responded much better to online. After trying a couple of different programs I came across Acellus. Really liked what I saw and showed the program to Lucas.

We decided to give it a whirl and haven’t looked back since. The support is amazing as are the quality of the lessons. We also enjoy the Wednesday evening mentoring program. The addition of Acellus Camp was the icing on the cake. To quote my eleven year old grandson, “I always liked the program, but now I have a whole new respect for it.”

– Karen R.

Credit: Acellus Academy – Official Parent Support Group, Facebook

My son is dyslexic. Your video based learning was the right fit for us, once we left his Montessori school who would not accommodate his dyslexia. Going into our 2nd year. We love Acellus and would never look back.”

– Lisa B.

Credit: Acellus Academy – Official Parent Support Group, Facebook

My daughter attended the same Elementary School for almost 5 years but by 4th grade she verbally expressed the school she once loved was not right for her anymore after the staff no longer was as understanding about her medical absences as before. She began Acellus only a little over a month ago and she absolutely loves it and is already expressing her desire to continue Acellus into Middle and High school. She is thriving and it brings me so much joy to see her eager to learn every day.”

– Cindy R.

Credit: Parent – Texas, USA

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