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Jay Khadder

Studying International Relations at University of California

As a student at Acellus Academy, Jay studied challenging AP subjects such as European history and statistics. These courses sparked an interest that led to his decision to pursue higher education at the University of California – Davis.

AIRED ON: 4/20/2022

Rachel Stephens

Graduate Receives Full Scholarship to University of Colorado

Rachel graduated from Acellus Academy with honors in 2018. She continued her education at Franklin University in Switzerland, studying Political Science and Applied Mathematics. Rachel has been accepted into law school at the University of Colorado on a full-ride scholarship.

AIRED ON: 4/27/2022

Michelle Lee

Champion Team USA Figure Skater Excels At Acellus Academy

Michelle Lee is a Team USA figure skater and champion of the 2019 Southwest Pacific Regionals and Pacific Coast Sectionals. She chose Acellus Academy to support her rigorous training schedule, making it possible to pursue her figure skating career while taking advanced academic coursework.

AIRED ON: 5/11/2023

Acellus Academy Student Michelle

Zanai Barnett

Basketball Athlete Scores Acceptance to U.S. Naval Academy

Acellus provided Zanai with the opportunity to excel academically while competing at a national level in basketball. Her dedication and hard work led to receiving ten Division-1 college scholarship offers. Zanai ultimately chose to attend the United States Naval Academy.

AIRED ON: 5/17/2023

Ryan Kiera Armstrong

Student Actress Excels at Acellus Academy

Ryan Kiera Armstrong is a talented actress who works in film and television. From the beginning of her career she has had leading roles in major Studio productions including American Horror Story (2021) and Firestarter (2022). Studying at Acellus Academy has allowed Ryan to pursue her dreams as an actress while keeping up with her schooling.

AIRED ON: 5/29/2023

Acellus Academy Student Ryan

Leena Hocutt

Classical Violinist to Attend the Eastman School of Music

Leena is a classical violinist and member of Carnegie Hall’s National Youth Orchestra. She graduated from Acellus Academy with honors in 2023. Leena has committed to the University of Rochester’s Eastman School of Music, where she plans to pursue a dual degree in Violin Performance and Business.

AIRED ON: 6/14/2023

Acellus Academy Student Leena

Nhat Phan

Pursuing Medical Research with a Full Scholarship to University of Pittsburg

Studying at Acellus Academy provided Nhat with the flexibility to engage in research projects at the University of Pittsburgh while attending high school. After graduating with honors in 2023, Nhat will attend the University of Pittsburgh on a full scholarship.

AIRED ON: 6/21/2023

Acellus Academy Student Nahat

Aysia and Natalie

Ballerinas Balance School & Performing With Support from Acellus

Aysia and Natalie perform as ballerinas with the Kansas City Ballet. Their rigorous training schedule, which involves practicing for several hours a day, necessitated an educational approach that would provide flexibility without compromising their academic experience.

AIRED ON: 12/14/2022

Acellus Academy Student Aysia


Preparing for a Career in STEM

Mufaro has been enrolled with Acellus for the past two years in Zimbabwe in southern Africa. Acellus Coding, in particular, has become a source of inspiration for him, shifting his perspective from challenges being insurmountable to viewing them as opportunities for growth.

AIRED ON: 11/1/2023

Acellus Academy Student Nahat


Student Regains Confidence and Excels in Math and STEM

Xander, a 2nd grader at Acellus Academy, initially doubted his ability to learn math. However, with the assistance of a supportive learning environment, he has developed confidence in his learning abilities and is currently excelling in math. Xander is delving into the Acellus STEM course and has successfully programmed a robot to dance, showcasing his growing interest and skills in this field.

AIRED ON: 7/12/2023

Acellus Academy Student Nahat

Maya Cavazos

Student Overcomes Learning Disability and Achieves Perfect GPA

Maya attended traditional in-person school for several years until she discovered she had a learning disability. With a need for extra time on tests and a quiet learning environment, Maya found a positive shift in her academic experience upon transitioning to Acellus Academy where she has maintained an impressive 4.0 GPA.

AIRED ON: 1/18/2023

Acellus Academy Student Nahat

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