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Acellus Academy Campus

11025 N Ambassador Drive, Kansas City, Missouri 64153

Acellus Academy Campus

11025 N Ambassador Drive, Kansas City, Missouri 64153

Parent Support

My student is enrolled at Acellus Academy
I am interested in enrolling a student

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Student Support

I need help signing into Acellus

Each Acellus Academy student is provided with a unique Acellus ID (this is your username) and a password. You will need your Acellus ID and password to sign into Acellus.

TUTORIAL: How to Find Your Acellus ID and Password

Troubleshooting Easy Sign In
Acellus allows students to create an Easy Sign In with your own username and password. For security purposes, you must set up an Easy Sign In on each device. If your Easy Sign In is no longer working, you should attempt to sign in using your original Acellus ID and password.

If Sign In Issues Persist
If you cannot sign in with your Acellus ID and password, it could mean that there are restrictions on your account due to payment issues. Please have your parent sign in and verify that your account is active. If needed, your parent may contact Acellus Academy for further assistance.

All other questions

Students needing assistance should contact their parent. Your parent may contact Acellus Academy for support as needed.

If a current or former student is 18 years of age, or older, they may contact Acellus Academy using the parent support options.

School or Government Agency

Request records for a student

Schools and governmental agencies may request records using our online Records Request Form.

All other inquiries

Please submit your request using our contact form.

Has your school purchased Acellus licenses? Contact Acellus Support for Schools.

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