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Parent praises Acellus Academy for helping her homeschooled son navigate high school curriculum

Parent Praises Acellus Academy for Helping Her Homeschooled Son Navigate High School Curriculum

NE Florida News

“‘Acellus has managed to be an amazing asset for Anderson,’ Denise Minor said. Each course is self-paced, allowing students to spend extra time when needed to master each lesson concept. Families have the flexibility to plan and adjust study times to fit their schedule.Read More

Struggling ADHD student thrives on Acellus, graduating early

A Struggling ADHD Student Thrives on Acellus, Graduating Early

Central Virginia Times

“‘Jacob showed a renewed interest in learning and his progress far exceeded the standard of his local public school’, Jessica said. She was elated that the program could cater to her son’s conditions and learning needs while also giving him the opportunity to surpass his typical standards.” Read More

Interest in Home Schooling Grows During Pandemic - Columbia Missourian Article

‘Amid All The Struggle’: Interest in Home Schooling Grows During Pandemic


Jon Gabrielson began to home-school his three children through Acellus Academy, an accredited online school for grades K-12. “Acellus is working for us. It’s actually working amazing. I’m very happy with it.” Read More

Acellus Academy Student Stars in Feature Film

Hamilton Teen Gianna Harris Co-Stars in 1st Feature Film, Mighty Oak


Harris does not attend a traditional school in Hamilton, instead taking courses through an online school called Acellus Academy. This gives her additional time to work on her performing skills. Read More

Online, Interactive Learning System Called a “Game Changer” in Preventing Dropouts


Educators say it’s a “game changer.” It’s in more than 2,600 schools across the country, used by about a million students and adding more all the time, even home schoolers. Read More

Acellus Academy Student

Acellus Academy Ranked #1 in STEM and Homeschool Science


Each year, publishes a list of top resources and websites for education. For the year 2020, Acellus Academy was recognized in three categories and ranked #1 in STEM.  Read More

Acellus Academy Named as One of's Top 10 Educational Websites

Top 10 Online Schools of 2018


Acellus Academy has been named a top-ten online school for 2018 by Homeschool Base. This award recognizes exceptional and innovative schools based on recommendations from home educators, teachers, and parents. Read More

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