Our Approach

A Learning Process that Works

Acellus online courses combine instruction from some of America’s greatest teachers with core technologies that enhance teaching and learning by tailoring the course content to each student’s learning needs, meeting students at their level.

This highly effective approach has enabled students to gain momentum in their education and pursue the rigorous studies needed to achieve college and career readiness.

What makes Acellus so effective?


Prism Diagnostics: A Breakthrough in Online Learning

Acellus Academy courses integrate Prism Diagnostics®, an innovative technology that identifies holes in each student’s background knowledge. When the system identifies one of these deficiencies, custom personal instruction is provided to fill the gap in the student’s understanding. As a result, students receive their own custom version of each course, which is tuned to their specific needs and level.


Engaging Video Lessons that Bring Each Subject to Life

Acellus Academy integrates professionally filmed videos into online coursework to spark the interest of each student for any given subject. Acellus works with some of the most qualified teachers in the country to create engaging footage to make Acellus Academy’s online curriculum relevant for students. These captivating videos, combined with talented teachers and interactive course materials, provide an online school experience that inspires a love for learning.

Writing Tutor

Teaching effective writing is one of the toughest challenges in distance learning. The Acellus Writing Tutor is designed to tutor students as they write, giving immediate feedback on grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and even writing style.

With this personalized feedback, students quickly discover that they can become exceptional writers.

To utilize Writing Tutor, download the Acellus App in the App Store or click the link below.


Acellus STEM-10

Demand in STEM careers continues to grow and Acellus is a leading contender in science and technology focused courses. Acellus STEM-10 is a ten-year coding program that starts as early as elementary. This program allows children to comfortably approach coding literacy, a necessity for most STEM careers, and develops their understand with each grade level. You can give your student a head start in STEM oriented interests, such as computer coding, electronics, and robotics, by using Acellus STEM-10.


Over 250 Courses - Grades K-12

Acellus Academy’s curricular portfolio includes courses in grades K-12 in all core subject areas as well as electives, Advanced Placement (AP), Career & Technical Education (CTE), and STEM focused pathways.



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