Our Approach

Acellus Academy is a web-learning school which provides an alternative for students and families who want more flexibility, customization, and a self-directed education. Our educational programs are designed to help students accelerate their academic studies, develop areas of interests, enhance their career with key learnings, and earn a high school diploma.

Our courses are developed by a team of teachers who have proven their expertise in classrooms across America, many of which are award-winning and nationally recognized. Our curriculum is built for the student’s success with a competency model building on each level of the student’s learning experiences. Each course is presented in a course unit competency style that builds knowledge and understanding over a series of instructional levels in a time-proven step-by-step manner.

Engaging Courses

Students indicate that our approach to web-learning instruction makes learning a pleasure, building on any previous educational learned skills. Each unit contains a video direct lesson followed by a series of practice questions and problems. These leveled questions ensure that students have mastered the key concepts presented in the materials and that they demonstrate their mastery by applying concepts to the other key points during the study of the course content.

In Acellus courses, concepts are taught to students via the online computer interface as high-resolution video. Multimedia, animations, and audio are all utilized to help the teacher effectively communicate the concept of each lesson. Upon completion of the lesson video, students are given problems to assess their understanding of the concept taught and to add rigor to the course by providing practice solving problems relating to the lesson material. The courses include both formative and summative assessments throughout, resulting in a self-paced, mastery-level learning experience.

The Acellus Learning System provides an interactive learning experience in which each course is customized to each student’s individual skill set and learning style. In addition, Acellus provides a multi-mode capability, allowing lessons to be tuned to the needs and abilities of each student.