Roger Billings Mentoring Program

A scholarship for students who are serious about their education and understand that knowledge is power.


Acellus Academy students now have an opportunity to participate in the Roger Billings Mentoring Program. Created by Acellus Founder, Dr. Roger Billings, the mentoring program was created to help creative students prepare for a productive career and life.

The benefits of the program include the following:

▪   Scholarship to cover up to 84 percent of tuition to attend the accredited Acellus Academy

▪   Participation in weekly mentoring and motivational sessions via the internet

How To Apply

Program applications are considered on an ongoing basis throughout the school year.  Select the button below to get started.


Acellus Academy Scholarship
Qualifying students participating in the Mentoring Program receive a scholarship that covers up to 84% of the tuition expense to enroll in Acellus Academy. A family contribution of $799/year (or $79/month) per student is required to cover the remaining tuition balance.

TalkScience Mentoring Forum
An expectation of the Mentoring Program is that students in grade 7 and above will participate weekly in the TalkScience mentoring forum. These informative sessions are one of the ways that Dr. Billings provides mentoring and training to students.


Science Fair
Each year, program participants in grade 7 and above are required to enter a project into the Acellus Academy Science Fair.



As a high school senior, Dr. Roger Billings won the Gold and Silver Medal at the International Science Fair for inventing the world’s first hydrogen-powered automobile.

After completing college, Dr. Billings was invited to become a protégé of the noted scientist and innovator, Bill Lear. While being mentored by Mr. Lear, Dr. Billings obtained diverse skills and training that later empowered him to successfully take his ideas and innovations to the marketplace.

After his first company began to trade publicly, and experiencing wealth for the first time, Dr. Billings sent Mr. Lear a valuable block of stock in the company as a gesture of gratitude. Mr. Lear declined the stock and expressed that if Dr. Billings wanted to thank him, he should give back by mentoring young people.

The Roger Billings Mentoring program was created as part of Dr. Billings’ lifelong commitment to “give back” though mentoring students. It is this same commitment that motivates Dr. Billings to ask all of our students participating in this mentorship opportunity to look throughout their lifetime for opportunities to give back to their communities – using their gifts and talents to make a difference in the lives of others.



Ideal candidates will embody the following attributes:

  • Strong personal motivation and determination to pursue a rigorous education
  • A commitment to honesty and academic integrity
  • A sense of purpose evidenced by caring for others
  • The ability to dream big and the fortitude to pursue those dreams
  • A desire to have mentoring guidance while preparing for a career


To apply, students must meet the following criteria:

  • The student must be in pursuit of a high school diploma.
  • A parent or legal guardian must be willing to supervise the day-to-day learning of the student.
  • The student must commit to study online for a minimum of 10 hours each week.
  • To qualify for the scholarship portion of the mentoring program, the student may not be the recipient of another scholarship or voucher for education in excess of $3,500 annually.

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