Roger Billings Scholarship Program

As part of Roger Billings’ lifelong commitment to supporting education, the Scholarship Program was created as a way to “give back” by supporting students with mentoring guidance and special tuition.

Weekly Lecture Series

Under the Scholarship Program, students who enroll participate in weekly lectures which are broadcast live over the Internet. These sessions teach the importance of education and help students to understand how knowledge can empower their future.

Research shows that students who attend Roger Billings’ weekly lectures improve academically and develop positive attitudes about their schoolwork. Using examples from his own career and life, Roger Billings motivates and inspires students to achieve their best and believe that they can make a difference.

Scholarship Tuition Rates

Students who are willing to commit to attending the live lecture over the Internet each Wednesday are eligible to enroll in Acellus Academy at a significantly reduced tuition rate. Please select the button below to view the scholarship tuition rates.

Get Started

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Who Can Participate

The Roger Billings Scholarship Program is open to students in kindergarten through high school and is especially targeted at creative students with an interest in science and technology.

Although it is not required, it is highly recommended that students in the Roger Billings Scholarship Program participate in the Acellus Academy Science Fair.



Will the special tuition rate be terminated if my student does not attend each week?

If a student does not attend the live weekly lecture over the Internet, the parents will be notified and the student will be put on probation. In the event that the student continues to not attend the weekly lecture, the student’s Scholarship Program Tuition rate will not be renewed.

Will the Scholarship Program be available for multiple years?

The Roger Billings Scholarship Program is a long-term program and will continue in the future, funds permitting. The program requirements and student participation will be reviewed annually.


Roger Billings is known as the inventor of the hydrogen-powered automobile and is credited with significant innovations in the areas of renewable energy, computer networking, cybersecurity, and education.

In 2001, Roger Billings launched Acellus as an initiative of the International Academy of Science to improve math and science scores at schools throughout the United States. Years later, Roger Billings founded Acellus Academy, a fully-accredited online school, to provide students the opportunity to pursue a rigorous education from home.

The Roger Billings Scholarship Program was created as part of Roger Billings lifelong commitment to support education and to “give back” by mentoring students. More information regarding his work may be found at the links below.


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