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Monitoring Student Progress

Parents have an important role in Acellus Academy and are responsible for supervising the day-to-day learning experience of their student.

As a parent, you can monitor your student’s progress through the parent portal. Sign in through the app and select a student to view. The first option you’ll see is ‘Today’s Work’. This shows any progress your student has completed so far for the day.

student progress 1

To view your student’s progress within each course, select the Score tab. Mouse over the blue progress bar to see the number of steps your student has completed out of the total for the class.

goal 3

Clicking on a course will show you the detailed report. This will list all of the steps your student has completed along with the grade, date and time. (Make sure the grading period is set to show ‘All Work’ and not a single semester.)

student progress4

Acellus also allows you to view details specific to each lesson. Click on a lesson to view each question as well as the answer your student submitted.

student progress 5

student progress 6

Although students have goals set to help motivate and ensure they are making forward progress in their courses, they are not intended to limit the amount of work a student completes in a week. Students can always complete additional work after completing the goal for the day or even the week. How to Set Goals

It’s important to monitor your student’s progress as well as the goals. Here are a couple things to keep in mind.

  • If the student chooses to retake previous steps, these will count toward the goal as the student is completing work, but the progress bar is not affected as they are not any closer to reaching the end of the course.
  • If the student is struggling, the system may have them repeat a step they score low on or take them through recovery steps. (Recovery steps often help students go over certain concepts that are needed based on the lesson they are struggling with. These steps will be marked with a blue loop over the step icon.)   Once these are complete, the student will return to the original lesson.  Although vital, these steps will not count towards the student’s forward progress in the course.
recovery steps

Students can check their goals and progress within their account under the Progress tab on the top menu bar. (They can also view this under the Resources tab while working in a class.)

student progress 7

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