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Ordering ID Cards

Acellus Academy offers both student and parent IDs. You can order ID cards through the parent portal. Sign In >> Go to Manage Account


Select Order ID Cards.

id card

Here you’ll see details on the benefits of ordering a card. Select each student you’d like to order a card for. Parents can also order their own ID card and up to one additional parent ID.

Check the processing fee and preferred payment method before submitting, as you will be charged once the order is processed.

id card 1

Now it’s time to customize your ID cards. Your order will not be completed until this step is done. Be sure to upload the correct photo for each card.

id card 3

Make sure each photo fits the specifications. Adjust the size and position so the face is clearly visible inside the crop area.

id card 6

Enter in a valid mailing address. Please double check before submitting this as tracking information is not available.

id card 5

Once you have submitted this, your order will be processed and printed. Depending on the postal services of your local area, delivery times may vary.

Each ID will include an expiration date. You are welcome to order a new ID once it has expired.

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