Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I log in to Acellus Academy as a parent?

If your student is enrolled in Acellus Academy, you will have a parent account to access records and transcripts, make payments, and track your student’s progress.

To access your parent account, first, download the Acellus App on each device that you will want to sign in as a parent, such as your desktop or tablet. Open the app and click on “Sign In As A Parent.” Make a new soft-token PIN on each device with the same email address that you used when first creating the parent account. It will prompt you to enter a PIN, so use a combination that you will remember.

How can I find my student’s user ID and password?

Upon registration into our online school, your student will be assigned an Acellus ID and password. You will receive this login information by email.

If your student forgets their login information, you can retrieve it through the Acellus App by logging in as a parent. Once signed in, select your student’s name and click on “Edit Student Account” in the righthand corner at the top of the page. Here the student’s Acellus ID and password listed on the page.

Can I create a personal user ID and Password for my student?

Yes, you can create your own user ID and password for a student account. A password that is unique to the student may be easier for them to remember. Start by launching the Acellus App and click on “Set Up Student Easy Sign In.” To create an “Easy Sign In,” you will first need to enter your student’s original 10-digit Acellus ID and password.

The “Easy Sign In” will need to be configured on every device that the student will be using to sign into the Acellus App. This will ensure security for the student account.

Can I make a change to my student’s courses?

As a parent, you can submit a request for a course change to your student’s online courses. To request a course change, you can contact our teaching staff directly through your Acellus parent account or contact our Support Team for assistance submitting a request.

To submit a course change request through a parent account, please complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your account through the Acellus App.
  2. Click on the student’s name to view their courses.
  3. Select the “Messages” tab.
  4. Select the course from the drop-down menu, create a new message with your request, and send.

The Acellus staff reviews all requests for course changes. They will usually respond within one to three school days.

Enrollment and Billing

How do I cancel my account?

If you decide to cancel your Acellus Academy account, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your parent account using the Acellus App.
  2. We recommend that you print out your student’s records or reports before you cancel your Acellus account.
  3. Click on “Manage Account.”
  4. Click “Pause” next to the name of each student that you would like to de-activate.

Once the student’s account is paused, you will no longer be billed for any payments. All of the student’s coursework will be archived in the Acellus system. Any information will be saved if you decide to re-activate the account.

How do I update my payment information on my Acellus Academy parent account?

If you need to make a change to your billing information, follow these steps:

1. Log into your parent account through the Acellus App.
2. Click “Manage Account.”
3. Click “Change Payment Method.”
4. Here, you will be able to update your payment information.

Do you offer a trial period?

Yes, Acellus Academy offers a 30-day trial period, which guarantees refunds. During this period, students can experience our online school by enrolling and participating in courses. Parents can cancel their account at any time within the first 30 days. After the trial period, tuition payments cannot be refunded.

This offer is available to parents that do not already have a student enrolled in Acellus Academy.

Why is my student receiving a message that their account is not financially approved?

You or your student may receive a message that saying your account is not financially approved. This simply means a payment needs to be made before your student can continue their coursework. To make a payment, sign in to your parent account and go the “Manage Account.” Here you will be able to make a payment.

High School

Is Acellus Academy an accredited online program?

Yes, Acellus Academy is regionally accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC). Regional accreditation is the most widely accepted form of accreditation in the United States. Your student will earn a high school diploma through Acellus Academy upon completion of all high school requirements. For more information, please see Accreditation and Affiliations.

How do I request a transcript from Acellus Academy?

Parents may request their students’ transcripts through their parent accounts. A student’s transcript will be sent as a PDF by email. This transcript can be sent to other schools or universities. To request a transcript for your student, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your parent account.
  2. Click “Manage Account.”
  3. Click “Request Transcript.”
  4. Select the student and enter the recipient email address.
  5. The transcript will be sent by email.

Transcripts will only include completed courses. You may print your student’s report card or other reports for partially complete courses.

Will my student receive a high school diploma from Acellus Academy?

Yes, students who complete the graduation requirements will receive an Acellus Academy high school diploma.

Acellus Academy offers two high school diploma paths:

  • The Standard High School Diploma pathway aligns to the minimum credit requirements for graduation set by the State of Missouri. This option is recommended for students who plan to attend a community college or directly enter the workforce after high school.
  • The High School Graduation with Honors pathway is a more rigorous program of study which is recommended for students who plan to apply to competitive four-year colleges with more stringent admissions requirements.

For more information, please see Graduation Requirements.