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How to pause/cancel account

Parents may pause or cancel a student’s enrollment at any time. This option is available through the parent account.

Sign in through the Acellus App, then select “Manage Account”.


Under the Tuition Calculator click ‘Pause’ by each student you would like to deactivate.


A window will pop-up asking you to verify that you want to de-activate the student. We recommend that you print or save any records needed before completing this as the grades and progress will not be view-able once the account is de-activated. Note: You will need to process a payment if you decide to re-activate the account.


Once the student’s account is paused, you will no longer be charged tuition for their account. All of the student’s coursework will be archived in the Acellus system. Any information will be saved if you decide to re-activate the account.

The student will be marked ‘Inactive’ on Enrollment Management and the option to Re-Activate will be listed.


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