Acellus Academy is proud to announce that many of our graduates are being awarded significant scholarships for their college education. This result has prompted us to explore what is driving our students’ success in obtaining scholarships and how we can further support our graduates in qualifying for scholarship opportunities.

Among other factors, we were delighted to hear from colleges that Acellus Academy is garnering a reputation for producing graduates with an advanced understanding of academic subjects. As our graduates have caught the attention of colleges, it has lead to increased interest and proactive efforts to recruit Acellus Academy alumni.

Introducing the Tier-1 Honors Program

To build on this momentum, Acellus Academy is launching the Tier-1 Honors Program. This initiative introduces an honors mode for core high school courses, offering a curriculum with greater rigor and additional lessons. This program is particularly beneficial for students planning to pursue higher education at competitive universities.

The honors mode demands a higher level of commitment and effort from students. Recognizing this, courses completed under this mode will include an ‘honors’ designation on transcripts (e.g. Honors Algebra I). This distinction is an important factor in college admissions and scholarship considerations, indicating a student’s willingness to engage in more challenging coursework.

Benefits of Taking Honors Courses

Taking honors-level courses in high school can help increase a student’s chances of receiving scholarships for several reasons:

1. Academic Excellence: Honors courses are more challenging and in-depth than standard courses. Excelling in these courses demonstrates a student’s academic abilities and dedication to learning, which are qualities that scholarship committees often seek.

2. Competitive Edge: Many scholarships are academically competitive. A transcript with honors courses shows that the student has taken advanced coursework, potentially giving them an edge over others who have taken only standard courses.

3. Preparation for AP Courses: The increased rigor of honors courses helps prepare students for Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which are highly regarded by scholarship committees. Success in these courses can further enhance a student’s scholarship prospects.

4. Well-Rounded Application: Scholarships often look for well-rounded candidates. Participation in honors courses can be part of a strong academic profile, demonstrating a student’s commitment to academic excellence and intellectual curiosity.

5. Specific Scholarships: Some scholarships specifically target students who have excelled in rigorous academic programs, including honors courses.

How Students Can Participate

We are committed to making this advanced academic option accessible to all our students. Therefore, the Tier-1 Honors Program will be available without any additional tuition costs. This aligns with our goal of providing quality education and preparing students for academic challenges at the highest level.

For more information about the Tier-1 Honors Program and how it can benefit your academic goals, please see the following link:

A list of the honors courses offered may be found at the link above. To enroll a student in an honors course, parents may select the Honors Mode option when adding a new course for the student.

We are excited about this new initiative and look forward to seeing our students thrive and achieve their academic goals through the Tier-1 Honors Program at Acellus Academy. 

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