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Tier-1 Honors Program

Acellus Academy takes immense pride in educating some of the most exceptionally talented and academically advanced students across the nation. Many of these students choose Acellus Academy to access advanced coursework that may not be available in their local school systems.

Our unique self-paced instructional format, combined with rigorous honors-level courses, empowers these students to delve into highly challenging academic pursuits. Acellus Academy stands out by offering up to two years of calculus and advanced college-level coursework in physics, chemistry, and biology. The rigor of these advanced courses gives high school students the opportunity to enter college with a remarkable depth of knowledge. 

How the Honors Program Works: 

Honors Graduation Pathway 

Acellus Academy offers an honors graduation pathway, recommended for students aspiring to attend competitive 4-year universities.  To graduate with honors, students are required to complete more rigorous coursework, including two additional credits. Students must also maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 to graduate with honors.

Upon enrollment, parents are encouraged to create a high school education plan, outlining their student’s path through advanced courses. This process helps families align post-secondary goals with the courses offered through Acellus Academy.

This process results in a printable plan that will guide families through their high school journey through Acellus Academy.
The plan includes personalized resources for college preparation, such as scholarship information and junior and senior year action plans.

Acellus Academy English Courses for Special Education

Honors Courses

Acellus Academy offers a diverse range of honors courses for core high school subjects. These courses are taught at an advanced level and often incorporate additional lessons and materials. This added rigor is highly beneficial for students who aspire to be admitted into competitive 4-year universities. Upon completion, students’ transcripts will reflect the designation of honors for these courses.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Acellus Academy offers eighteen College Board audited and approved Advanced Placement (AP) courses. These courses provide high school students the opportunity to engage in college-level coursework and potentially earn college credit.

Completion of an AP course demonstrates to colleges that students are thoroughly prepared for the challenges of rigorous college academics. Successful completion of AP courses at Acellus Academy allows students to register for the AP examination at a local testing center, which may result in college credit recommendations by the College Board.

Acellus Academy AP World History Teacher
Acellus Academy High School Dual Enrollment


Dual-Enrollment Opportunities

The self-paced format of Acellus Academy courses gives students the opportunity to engage in dual-enrollment programs at local colleges. With dual-enrollment, students can earn college credits which can then be transferred to Acellus Academy, satisfying high school credit requirements for graduation.

This flexibility enables students to kickstart their college education, equipping them with college credits and laying a strong foundation for future studies.

NCAA Accreditation

Acellus Academy offers core high school courses approved by the NCAA, a crucial consideration for student-athletes looking to play sports at NCAA Division 1 or 2 colleges.

Acellus Academy can submit transcripts to the NCAA to certify completed high school credits and provide proof of graduation.

NCAA is a trademark of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.
Acellus Academy Student Jackson

Jackson F.
Acellus Academy Honors Student
Academic All-American (23), USA Gymnastics

Acellus Academy Graduate Accepted to University

Caydee – Acellus Academy Graduate, Class of 2022

Personalized Assistance with College Advising

Acellus Academy offers college advising assistance as part of its Enhanced and Premium tuition plans.

Our staff can assist with letters of recommendation and answer questions regarding the college application process. Students can also receive assistance with completing a high school education plan and receive advice on selecting the appropriate courses.

Displaying Academic Honors at Commencement

Students who meet the requirements of the honors pathway receive an Honors Diploma and have the opportunity to wear honors regalia at Commencement. For those unable to attend in person, regalia can be purchased for personal celebrations.

Honors Graduation Regalia

  • A white honors stole signifies that a student has fulfilled the honors pathway requirements.
  • Students with outstanding GPAs may also wear honor cords, with distinctions as follows:
    • Cum Laude (3.5 GPA or higher)
      — 1 Cord (gold & blue)
    • Magna Cum Laude (3.7 GPA or higher)
      — 2 Cords (blue + gold & blue)
    • Summa Cum Laude (3.9 GPA or higher)
      — 3 Cords (gold + blue + gold & blue)


Acellus Academy Honors Student

Student Spotlights

Acellus Academy Student Jay

Jay Khadder

Acellus Sparked an Interest that led to University of California

In 2020, Jay Khadder turned to Acellus Academy when his traditional school closed. This transition allowed him to delve into a variety of courses at his own pace, including challenging AP subjects like European History and Statistics. His experience with Acellus’s Pre-Calculus course sparked a particular interest. Jay’s educational journey with Acellus Academy culminated in his decision to pursue higher education at the University of California – Davis, majoring in International Relations, Cultures, and Business.

Rachel Stephens

Graduate Receives Full Scholarship to University of Colorado Law School

Rachel Stephens’ journey with Acellus Academy began after exploring both public and private schooling options. Her time at Acellus was marked by academic diligence, achieving a 4.0 GPA and excelling in AP courses while touring with a resident theater company. Rachel continued her education at Franklin University in Switzerland, studying Political Science and Applied Mathematics. She is now poised to enter the University of Colorado Law School on a full-ride scholarship. Acellus Academy played a crucial role in fostering Rachel’s academic curiosity and independence, equipping her with valuable life skills such as time management and self-discipline.

Acellus Academy Student Rachel
Acellus Academy Student Michelle

Michelle Lee

Champion Team USA Figure Skater Excels At Acellus Academy

Michelle Lee, a Team USA figure skater and champion at the 2019 Southwest Pacific Regionals and Pacific Coast Sectionals, chose Acellus Academy to support her rigorous training schedule. Transitioning from another homeschooling program, Michelle found Acellus’s flexible structure conducive to balancing her academic goals with her figure skating career.

Zanai Barret

Basketball Athlete Scores Acceptance to U.S. Naval Academy

Zanai Barret-Gay’s journey with Acellus Academy began as she sought a flexible and supportive educational environment that could accommodate her demanding basketball schedule. Acellus provided her with the resources to excel academically while competing at a national level in basketball. Her dedication and hard work led to receiving ten Division-1 college scholarship offers. Zanai ultimately chose to attend the United States Naval Academy. 

Acellus Academy Student Zanai
Acellus Academy Student Leena

Leena Hocutt

Classical Violinist to Attend the Eastman School of Music

Leena Hocutt, a classical violinist and member of Carnegie Hall’s National Youth Orchestra, experienced various educational settings including public, private, and homeschooling, before choosing Acellus Academy. Acellus provided her with a unique blend of academic courses like Musical Theory, Finance, and Business, which helped her to prepare for a career in music. Leena has committed to the University of Rochester’s Eastman School of Music, where she plans to pursue a dual degree in Violin Performance and Business.

Nhat Phan

Pursuing Medical Research with a Full Scholarship to University of Pittsburg

Nhat Phan’s experience at Acellus Academy began in 2019, seeking an educational environment that could adapt to his unique needs. This flexibility enabled him to engage in significant research projects at the University of Pittsburgh and its affiliated research center. Nhat’s academic journey was complemented by his entrepreneurial spirit, leading to the founding and subsequent acquisition of his startup in 2022. He now looks forward to attending the University of Pittsburgh on a full scholarship, where he will explore Economics and Pre-Med.

Acellus Academy Student Nhat
Acellus Academy Student Aysia

Aysia and Natalie

Ballerinas Balance School & Performing With Support from Acellus

Aysia and Natalie, seniors at Acellus Academy, have gracefully balanced their roles as ballerinas with the Kansas City Ballet Second Company and their academic responsibilities. Their commitment to the arts, especially during demanding periods like the Nutcracker season, necessitated an educational approach that matched their rigorous schedules.

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