Many parents have asked Acellus Academy to develop a course that focuses on the traditional American values that have shaped our nation. In response, Acellus Academy invited two of its best teachers, Dr. Pajet Monet and Todd Edmond, to film a special course to inspire patriotism and help students gain a deeper appreciation of our American heritage. This course also acknowledges a Divine Creator and celebrates religious freedom while encouraging tolerance for all viewpoints regarding faith.

This course is available exclusively through Acellus Academy. Understanding that these lessons may not align with the preferences of all families, enrollment is optional and entirely at the discretion of parents.

Acellus Academy has also made this course more widely available for students who may not be enrolled full-time at Acellus Academy. Parents may enroll a student in this one special course for a nominal one-time fee of $10.

For more information about the course and how to enroll, please visit:

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