Special Course Announcement:

Traditional American Values

In response to requests from parents, Acellus Academy invited two of its best teachers to film a special course that teaches the traditional American values that have shaped this nation, including patriotism and acknowledgement of a Divine Creator.

Sample Lesson

My Country

Featuring Dr. Pajet Monet

Join Dr. Monet as she explores the rights protected by our government that unite us as Americans. This lesson, grounded in the principle of “One Nation Under God,” aims to instill a deep sense of patriotism and appreciation for our nation’s values.

Meet the Course Instructors

The Traditional American Values course features lessons taught by two exceptional on-camera Acellus teachers. Join Dr. Pajet Monet and Todd Edmond for an educational journey that celebrates our nation’s heritage and the freedoms that underpin American democracy.


Dr. Pajet Monet

Dr. Pajet Monet has served as a life mentor for countless students as the Acellus Social and Emotional teacher. Through her courses, Dr. Monet has inspired the lives of millions of students, nurturing their emotional well-being and encouraging them to make a positive impact on others.


Todd Edmond

Todd Edmond is a seasoned history instructor with twenty years of classroom teaching experience. As the on-camera teacher for Acellus social studies courses, Todd is known for making history come alive through his dynamic storytelling and deep knowledge of historical events.

Getting Started

How to Enroll in this Course

Acellus Academy has made the Traditional American Values course available for a nominal one-time fee. It is also available to students enrolled in our school at no additional cost.

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      Frequently Asked Questions:

      What age range is this course intended for?

      This course is ideal for students in middle school and high school. Adults are also welcome to enroll.

      As a parent, how can I see what information is taught in this course?

      After enrolling in the course, parents may sign into their account to view the course syllabus and preview course content, including lesson videos. Parents may also track student progress through the course. For more information on the functionality of our parent interface, please see the following tutorial: https://www.acellusacademy.com/parent-involvement/

      If I sign up for this course, will my student have to switch schools?

      No, you may enroll in this one special course without becoming a full-time student at Acellus Academy.

      Is this a required course for Acellus Academy students?

      No, Traditional American Values is an optional course. We give parents the discretion of choosing whether or not to enroll a student in this course.

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