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Getting Started with Acellus Gold

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What is Acellus Gold Edition?

After five years of research and development, Acellus Academy has announced the release of Acellus Gold Edition – the next generation of the Acellus Learning System. The system includes breakthrough features to teach, engage and motivate students. Watch the video to explore the new features of Acellus Gold Edition.


Video Overview – Acellus Gold Edition


Student Orientation – Acellus Gold Edition

Navigating the Student Interface

Acellus Gold Edition includes a dedicated interface for elementary, middle school, and high school students. Watch the Student Orientation to learn how to navigate the features of the Acellus Gold student interface.

FAQ – Student Account:

What new features are available for students?

To optimize the learning experience for different age levels, Acellus Gold includes separate interfaces for elementary, middle school, and high school students. This allows Acellus Gold to use different motivational strategies and rewards tailored specifically to each age level. The system has been enhanced with many new features to motivate students, including the creation of learning activities. For example, the Write a Book activity allows students to create their own stories with fun images. Learning activities are locked until the student completes their daily progress goals. The new Classmates interface allows students to post achievements and share positive comments regarding the achievements of other students. As students complete course milestones, Gold Credits are accumulated in each student’s account. There are many other new and exciting features for students to explore in Acellus Gold.

How can students replay videos or retake lessons?

Acellus Gold Edition includes a new feature where students can review videos from previous lessons. The option to re-take a lesson or re-watch a video is located under the Lesson List (Select the class >> ☰ >> Lesson List). You may scroll through your completed lessons and select the pencil icon to re-take a lesson assessment, or select the video icon to re-watch a video lesson.

How can students view weekly goals or know how much to do?

In Acellus Gold, students can now view their daily goals directly within each course. While studying in a course, the daily goal will be located under the Course Menu (☰) on the upper-right corner of the screen.

What are gold credits?

Acellus Gold Edition awards students with gold credits as they progress through their courses. This system is intended to visually underscore the value of learning and emphasize that acquiring knowledge empowers students. Gold credits can earned based on the difficulty of assignments and based on the level of mastery shown. Gold credits earned can be viewed on the Stats page.

Navigating the Parent Interface

Acellus Gold Edition makes it easier than ever for parents to track their student’s learning progress. Watch the Parent Orientation video to learn how to navigate the features of the Acellus Gold parent interface.

FAQ – Parent Account:

What new features are available for parents?

Acellus Gold includes a re-designed parent interface that has been optimized for use on mobile devices. Parents will have easier access to summary information regarding completion of daily goals and time spent in each class. Parents may view detailed reports that include more insights and information about student progress. The revised Course Progress Report allows parents to watch lesson videos from the parent interface and to see where Vectored Instruction has been implemented. There are many additional exciting features for parents to explore in Acellus Gold.

How can I download a report card?

The report card functionality has been merged with the transcript, which shows courses in progress on an official school document. For step-by-step instructions on how to obtain a transcript, please see the following tutorial: Requesting an official transcript

How can I edit my student's goals?

Parents may adjust weekly progress goals from the Enrollment Management screen in the parent interface. For step-by-step instructions on editing goals, please see the following tutorial: Setting Goals

How can I export detailed reports?

Acellus Gold includes several reports within the Parent Interface that may be exported to a CSV file. These include a Course Score Summary (GradeBook), Student Hours, Work Completed, and Student Achievement Data. Parents may export these reports in Gold Edition through the following steps: Parent Sign In >> Select a Student >> Student Account >> Reports

How can I see what my student completed today?

From the main parent dashboard, parents can see whether students have completed their daily goals in each subject. To view additional details, select the student card, and select a course. All of the steps completed by the student will be shown with timestamps of completion.

How can I view a course syllabus?

Parents can view a syllabus within each course that shows upcoming lessons and exams. In Acellus Gold, parents can even preview upcoming lessons by watching the lesson videos. To access the syllabus, please complete the following: Parent Sign In >> Select a Student >> Select a Course >> Syllabus List

How can I edit my student's grade level?

Acellus Gold allows parents to edit student details, such as the grade level, from the Student Account section of the parent interface: Parent Sign In >> Select a Student >> Student Account

Where is the live monitor feature?

In Acellus Gold, parents can monitor all of their students from the Dashboard. When a student signs in, a green indicator will appear on the student card. The system will also highlight the class the student is actively working in.


Parent Orientation – Acellus Gold Edition

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