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Setting Goals

Parents can view their student’s grades and progress through the parent portal. They also have the option to adjust the weekly goal.

To check a student’s goals and progress, sign in and select a student to view. Click on the Score tab. (Make sure the grading period is set to show ‘All Work’ and not a single semester.)


Mouse over the star to see how many steps are remaining based on today’s goal.


It’s important to monitor your student’s progress to make sure they are progressing at the desired speed. Remember that the weekly goal will reset each week regardless of how much coursework the student completes.

You can use the syllabus tab to see how many steps your student has completed out of the total for the course.


To change your student’s goal, use the student icon to return to the main menu and select Manage Account.

Here you can view the weekly goal for each course and make adjustments as needed. (The weekly goal will be broken into a 5-day week. Example: If the weekly goal is set as 10 steps, the student will be assigned 2 steps each day.)


Click on a goal to adjust it. Once a change is made the save option will become available.


Helpful Tips:

  • Remember that ANY completed steps will count towards the goal.
  • If a student chooses to retake steps or is struggling and repeats a step or goes through a series of recovery steps, these will count towards completing the goal.
  • For this reason, it’s important to also monitor your student’s progress within each course.

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