The Acellus Spelling Drill has been updated to include modern interaction – drag and drop.  This update also provides more guidance through the process of spelling and encourages success as well as accurate recall through several updated methods:

– Only the letters used in the word are available for the student to unscramble and put in the correct order.  This helps students practice recalling how to spell the word without the intimidation from all of the letters on the keyboard.

– Instead of just assessing student spelling (after the whole word has been entered), students are guided through spelling errors – as incorrect tiles slide back to the bottom of the screen.

– The Drag and Drop method has been added to provide tactical interaction – excellent for students who are developing fine motor skills.  It additionally engages a different part of the brain, which provides more variety to their daily tasks and helps to keep them engaged while exercising their memory.

– Advanced students can still spell the words by typing on a keyboard, with the letters on the screen acting as a visual guide to assist them through the process.

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