Acellus Academy is excited to announce the new Physical Education course available for high school students as an elective. The course is designed to present students with an understanding of physical fitness and an opportunity to get hearts pumping. 

Acellus Academy is excited to bring this course to families, as it not only teaches important health information but incorporates workouts that students can follow along with. The course kicks off with an introduction to Physical Education, safety practices, muscular strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance.

Throughout the course, Dr. Anissa Reilly will guide students through workouts and exercise routines. Students will delve into 17 units, each packed with engaging content, covering a range of topics. The course includes analyzing fitness levels to mastering warm-up and cool-down techniques and focusing on sports like soccer, football, basketball, and baseball. Students will also learn about swimming techniques and activities like tennis, badminton, and volleyball.

Students will end the course with improved physical abilities and an understanding of how physical activity contributes to overall health and well-being.
This course is now available for parents to enroll their students. If you’re new to Acellus Academy check out our enrollment options for information on how to get started.
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