Making decisions regarding your child’s education can be difficult because, like every parent, you want the best for your child. The list of schooling options can be overwhelming. You could choose public school, which is, of course, the most common option. However, you may determine that an alternative would be better for your child. Private school, home school, and online school are all choices that may allow your child to receive more resources and personalized help than traditional public school.

The students of Acellus Academy have come to us for a long list of reasons. Whatever reason you are considering an online schooling option for your child, we want you to feel confident in your decision when enrolling your child in Acellus Academy.

What Parents Should Know About Online School

Not all online school programs are created equal; however, they all include online courses that students can take anywhere they have access to the Internet. Acellus Academy is an accredited online school, offering courses to students in kindergarten through high school. Our courses have interactive video lessons created by some of America’s greatest teachers. These videos are designed to give each student a unique experience based on their individual needs.

Some online schools have deadlines for when students must complete each lesson and assignment. Certain students succeed with strict due dates. On the other hand, Acellus Academy’s online school is self-paced, which gives students flexibility to finish their course work in a time-frame that is best for them.

Why Are You Considering Online School for Your Child?

The first question any parent should ask themselves is, “Why do I think online school might be a good fit for my child?” We have seen students from all types of backgrounds be successful in our program. However, there are six types of students that have greatly benefited from Acellus Academy in the past.

1.   Bullying and safety

Parents have turned to online school as a safer option for their students who have experienced bullying in their public schools. Bullying often affects a child’s mental health and stress levels, especially around school. By transitioning to a more positive learning environment, students will perform better because their focus can remain on learning rather than avoiding bullies. Since we are an online school, our students can attend classes from the safety of their own homes.

2.   Struggling students

Every student learns differently, but unfortunately, in a traditional classroom setting, instruction is usually the same for everyone with little time set aside for individual help. This structure causes some students to struggle with one or more subjects. Acellus Academy uses Prism Diagnostics®, which is designed to cater to the individual learning needs of students. We have had students come to us after struggling with concepts for years, and within a few months, have seen improvements in their grades.

3.   Student athletes and performers

All Acellus Academy courses are self-paced, which means it offers students the flexibility to do course work when it works for them. This is particularly beneficial for student athletes or performers who can spend 30 or more hours a week training for a sport or practicing for an audition. Acellus Academy allows these students to pursue their talents and passions while still earning a high school diploma.

4.   Students with chronic illnesses

Parents with sick children already have a lot to worry about, and their student falling behind in school should not be one more thing to add to that list. Many children with severe medical problems miss too many days of school to keep up with classwork. Since Acellus Academy’s online school is self-paced, students do not have to worry about making up work because they are not feeling well. Instead, they can focus on their health and attend classes when they are feeling their best.

5.   Military families

Military families move around a lot, often staying in one place no more than two years. Accredited online schools allow kindergarten through high school students to stay in the same program wherever they are living rather than transferring between schools with every move. Our online school also allows students whose parents are stationed abroad to earn a high school diploma after studying U.S. curriculum.

What Are Your Child’s Unique Needs?

Although these are common reasons parents choose online school for their child, every student is different, so their parent’s reason for considering online school usually is, too. Before deciding on the best path for your student, you must consider their unique needs. For example, do they learn best with individual help, or do they thrive in a classroom setting? Many students are very successful in the traditional public-school setting. Other students are independent leaners and want the flexibility of self-paced courses, so they have more time to pursue other hobbies.

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself to help guide your decision on whether online school is right for your child:

– How does my child learn best?

– What is the best learning environment for my child?

– What type of schedule do I think is best for my child: structured or flexible?

– Are there aspects of my child’s life that can be improved by enrolling in online school?

You may believe that your children could thrive in both public and online school. However, a few other perks of online school include closer relationships with family, more rest and hours of sleep, increased productivity, and better emotional and physical health.


Acellus Academy is dedicated to providing the best online learning experience for our students. If you want to learn more about how Acellus Academy helps students exceed, visit our student experience page. Contact us if you have any questions at (866) 684-6127.

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