Acellus is excited to announce the release of a course designed to introduce students to the importance and expression of American Sign Language (ASL). Acellus Academy now offers ASL as an elective for high school students, featuring Ms. Donnie.

ASL is a language demonstrated through hand movements and facial expressions as it’s a language that’s visually perceived. Throughout the course, students learn how to express common greetings and colors in ASL and progress into more complex topics like family relationships and emotions.

The course offers 10 units, each unit building upon the previous one throughout the span of a year. By the end of the ASL course, students will master the alphabet, fingerspelling, and be able to express a wide range of topics in ASL. Topics range from greetings, food, weather, activities, time, and more.

Students will also gain insight into Deaf culture and history, gain an understanding of how ASL is used and its significance to the Deaf community.

Enroll today to offer your student the opportunity to master ASL and connect with new cultures and communities.

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