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How to Upload a Transcript

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High school credit earned while attending another school may be transferrable.

  • Credits earned while attending another high school may be transferable.
  • An official transcript will be required for the transfer of credits.
  • Only credits with a grade of C- or greater are eligible for transfer.
  • Acellus Academy reserves the right to decline the transfer of credit(s).
  • As a minimum, students must complete the entire 12th grade through Acellus Academy (minimum of 6 credits) and be enrolled for at least one year.

NOTE: A transcript is only required if your student will be transferring credit towards graduation through Acellus Academy. Transcripts are not required for elementary or middle school.

If your student will be transitioning to another school for graduation you’ll need to contact them regarding their requirements for graduation.

If you plan to transfer high school credits, the first step is to create a High School Education Plan. The transcript can be uploaded through the student’s Education Plan. This will help you see what your student needs for graduation based on what they plan to transfer as well as the pathway they plan to take.

When you reach the step to Import Credits on the Education Plan, scroll down and enter the previous school’s information.

Uploading a transcript

Next, enter each credit from your student’s transcript. Be sure to enter the course title and grade exactly as it appears on the transcript.

NOTE: Only credits with a grade of C- or higher will be accepted for transfer.

Uploading a transcript

After you have entered the transferring credits, it’s time to upload your student’s transcript.

If you are having trouble uploading the transcript, you may want to try saving the records as a smaller file. Supported files are PDF, PNG, or JPG. If your file type is supported, the files you are working with may be too large to upload. If so, we recommend saving these as smaller files, then you should be able to upload them. Most parents will upload documents that are 400 KB or less.

Uploading a transcript

The imported credits will appear on your student’s Plan of Study.

Please note, credits will be submitted for review when a student applies to graduate. Imported credits will not appear on the student’s transcript until after this review.

Uploading a transcript

If a course is not listed in the correct category, go back to the Import Credits step and make sure you have the subject set correctly. Use the ‘Edit’ option to adjust this.

Uploading a transcript

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