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How to Submit a Special Lesson

Special Lessons are an important part of our program. These onsite assignments help students develop and improve important skills that are not currently addressed through the online lessons.

These assignments count as 5% of the grade and are required. The course will not appear on the transcript until these are completed, submitted, and graded.

Parents can find the Special Lessons along with additional details through the parent interface. Sign in and select a student. Go to the Special Lessons tab.


The courses with assigned Special Lessons will be listed over to the left. Select a course to view the current assignments.


Parents may view both the student and teacher resources. The teacher resource will have more information regarding the assignment. Select this to view or print the assignment details.


When your student has completed the assignment, they can submit it through their student account. This option is available under the Special Lessons tab in their account. Select ‘Add Work’ to upload or enter the assignment.


Students can submit a photo of their work or create a text document.


When the assignment has been completed and uploaded or entered, click ‘Turn In’ to submit it for grading.


Once a Special Lesson has been turned in, your student will no longer be able to edit the assignment. If they need to redo the work, please message the teaching staff for assistance.


A green flag will appear beside each assignment that has been turned in. The student will no longer see the ‘Turn In’ option, instead they can select ‘View Work’ to see the submitted work.

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