Independent Study

Educating students outside of the brick and mortar school environment is becoming an ever-growing need.  Providing an Independent Study program to students studying from home enables students to still achieve their academic goals, while still allowing them the flexibility to choose where and when they study.  Acellus affords students the opportunity to study from home on their own schedule, without compromising on academic rigor, standards and quality, giving students an educational pathway that best enables them to fully realize their academic potential.

Through the Acellus platform standards-based courses and monitor student performance and achievement.  Student work is automatically graded and tabulated in the Acellus Gradebook, time worked is logged and calculated by the system, and available in an easily generated report and transcripts and student report cards are accessible at any time by parents and staff.

Acellus self-paced learning

Credit Recovery

Enrolling in an Acellus web-learning course can help you recover lost credits and improve your GPA. Taking a course for credit recovery offers students the opportunity to stay enrolled in school with their peers.

With over 250 courses available, students have a wide variety of courses that may be taken. Students have the flexibility to complete their course material at their own pace and at their own convenience. Acellus Academy provides a flexible learning environment, which caters to each student’s individual needs.

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Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

Acellus provides vertical enrichment for students who demonstrate high performance and are identified as gifted and talented learners. Successful students are self-disciplined and experienced with working independently.

Acellus Academy web-learning courses are ideal for GATE students who are self-directed learners, apply problem-solving skills, seek information, use communication technology literacy, demonstrate time-management, and possess individualized personal responsibility to their learning objectives.

Acellus provides opportunities for gifted students to go beyond the material covered in high school into AP studies that provide an opportunity to earn college credit while yet in high school. These students thrive in the self-paced learning environment of Acellus, allowing them to excel to their full potential. Acellus courses are comprehensive and provide students with the rigor needed to challenge their academic skills.

Adult Education

Passing the GED, or an equivalent test, can be a crucial element for career and college-readiness. It is essential that students preparing to take any high school equivalency exam have a strong foundation of knowledge in literacy, mathematics, social studies, and science, the four core areas tested by the GED, HiSet, and TASC.

In response to the increased rigor of the 2014 GED Exam, Acellus provides schools and Educational Centers with a four-course series designed to help prepare students to pass the GED Exam. This series covers mathematics, literature and writing, social studies, and science.

Acellus High School Equivalency Exam Prep courses are taught by master teachers. Each video lesson covers a single concept and is built into an adaptive and interactive interface. Students are continually assessed, and when knowledge gaps are identified, Acellus immediately provides additional targeted video instruction to fill in those holes. Students are able to easily move past the areas that they have mastered, only spending extra time on the concepts that they struggle with.