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Acellus Academy offers year-round open enrollment, which means students can begin taking Acellus Academy courses at any time. We recommend that each of our online high school students create an education plan. This ensures that every student is meeting requirements for graduation, while also learning about subjects and topics that spark their interests. The education plan is set up prior to a student’s first year at Acellus Academy with the ability to make changes over time.

Acellus Academy high school curriculum covers the core subjects of mathematics, science, language arts and reading, and history and social studies. In addition to these subjects, we offer courses in foreign languages, music and fine arts, and health as well as career and technical fields so that students can explore interests that may lead to potential careers.

Acellus Academy’s offers high school courses in the core subjects as well as electives that allow students to explore their unique interests.

Unlike elementary and middle school courses, students have more liberty to select courses that align with their interests. We also offer advanced placement (AP) courses for students who excel in a particular subject.

Acellus Academy uses video instruction and interactive coursework for each class. Our curriculum uses Prism Diagnostics™, which we developed to give each student a personalized learning experience.


Online High School Mathematics

In Acellus Academy’s high school math curriculum, students may choose from many different courses. Each math course focuses on a specific topic, such as Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Statistics. Acellus Academy also offers Advanced Placement math courses which have been reviewed and approved by the College Board. For students who may struggle with certain math concepts, we suggest starting with FUNdamental Math, which reviews the mathematical concepts that students learn in middle school.

Upon graduation from our online school, students will have strong skills in mathematical reasoning and problem-solving and will be able to work through equations, comprehend theorems and proofs, and much more!

Online High School Language Arts

High school language arts courses build on the literary components that students learn in elementary and middle school courses and dives into more complex pieces of literature while furthering students’ developing writing skills. Acellus Academy students read, assess, and make conclusions for increasingly complex texts—both fiction and non-fiction—written by authors with diverse backgrounds. Comparing cultures through literary work expands the understanding of other subjects and the world as a whole.

Our high school language arts curriculum includes classes in English with emphasis in both American and British Literature. We also offer advanced placement courses in English Language and Composition and English Literature and Composition.


Online High School Science

Acellus Academy’s high school science curriculum involves five subject areas: physical science, biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science. We offer various scholastic levels for most of these subjects, such as general, honors, and Advanced Placement.

Our science courses instruct students to apply scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies as they relate to the physical world. We see the value in laboratory science, because it allows students to see the concepts that they are learning come to life. Each lesson will involve a video experiment in addition to the lectures and coursework.

Upon completion of Acellus Academy’s science curriculum, students will have a deep understanding of scientific methods and theories.

Online High School History & Social Studies

History and social studies gives students the opportunity to learn from past events and apply these lessons to their present and future lives. Learning about world history is essential to understanding where we come from as a society. Our U.S. Government course will prepare students to be engaged citizens that perform their civic duties.

In addition to history and government, Economics, Geography, Personal Finance, and Psychology are all fascinating subjects that introduce various concepts that can be applied to everyday life to our students. These subjects are also a great way for students to explore interests and potential career opportunities.


Online High School Fine Arts

Acellus Academy students can explore their interest in the fine arts in any of our three courses: Music Appreciation, AP Music Theory, AP Studio Art – Drawing. Music Appreciation addresses the history of music and popular styles from eras dating back to the Renaissance. AP Music Theory provides students with a foundation of the elements of musical composition. Lastly, AP Studio Art teaches students the foundation of artistic drawing while giving them a creative outlet.

Social and Emotional:

High School Social Development – Level 1 (1.0)
High School Social Skills – Level 2 (1.0)
PE, Social and Emotional Education – High School (0.5)

Online High School Health

Health and wellness are important for all children, but it becomes increasingly important as children begin to think for themselves more and more. Acellus Academy’s high school health curriculum teaches students about physical fitness, the human body, diseases, drugs and medicines, adolescence, first aid, hygiene, health care, and more!


Online High School Foreign Languages

Acellus Academy offers French, German, and Spanish at the high school level to allow students to learn a second language. Our high school foreign language curriculum focuses on vocabulary, numbers, greetings, sentence structure, and basic grammar. We hope that our foreign language courses get each of our students excited about further pursuing, and eventually mastering, the language of their choosing.

Online STEM and Programming

Coding is quickly becoming part of the modern world’s literacy. Acellus Academy offers courses from the Acellus STEM-10 initiative. Engineered to significantly increase the number of students prepared for high-tech careers right out of high school, the program begins at basic level, expanding each year in sophistication and complexity.


Online High School Career and Technical Education

High school is a wonderful time to pursue subject areas that could lead to career opportunities. Acellus Academy provides a long list of courses that will introduce a variety of industries. These include, but are not limited to, agriculture, business, HVAC, and medicine.

Since technical and business fields are expanding, it is important that young students have the opportunity to learn about these subjects before they enter college or the workforce. When given this opportunity, students are better able to determine if they have any interest in exploring one of these industries as their future career.

All of these courses are designed to give students a clear picture of what will be expected from professionals who choose these career paths. To build these classes, we have worked with industry professionals to determine proper coursework.

With these classes, we hope that students are inspired to continue studying their selected field.

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