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Online Elementary Courses

Acellus Academy’s elementary curriculum encompasses the four core subjects: mathematics, language arts and reading, science, and social studies. Students can also explore other interests through our elective courses.

Some of the best educators in the country have designed our courses to engage young learners with thoughtfully designed lessons. These lessons include videos and interactive practice materials, which pique the interest of students and ignite excitement around their classes. Our curriculum is made for both at-home learning and the traditional school environment. 

Students in each grade further develop their knowledge of different topics by building on what they learned in the prior year. By the end of fifth grade, students will be prepared for Acellus Academy’s online middle school.

Although Acellus Academy is primarily a K-12 online school, two preschool courses are available for younger children. These classes are for young students to get acclimated to online school and begin to develop basic skills before enrolling in kindergarten.

Acellus Online High School Courses
Acellus Academy Mathematics Courses

Online Elementary Mathematics

Elementary school mathematics begins in kindergarten with students learning basic concepts like sorting, patterns, and numbers.

In first and second grade, Acellus Academy students learn the fundamentals of math concepts as they become fluent with addition and subtraction as well as describing and analyzing geometric shapes, number relationships, and linear measurements.

The Grade 3 and Grade 4 Math courses teach multiplication and division up to 100, fractions, and geometry basics. Students also learn multi digit multiplication and division, estimating, and much more.

The Grade 5 Math course focuses on the introduction of algebraic and geometric concepts. After fifth grade, students have a strong mathematical foundation that sets them up for success in future math courses.

Acellus Academy Language Arts Reading Courses
language arts

Online Elementary Language Arts

Acellus Academy’s language arts and reading curriculum gives students a strong basis for English literacy. Kindergartners learn the fundamentals of the English language like the alphabet, capital and lowercase letters, pronunciation, and basic parts of speech and sentence structure.

By first grade, Acellus Academy students can form basic sentences while developing their spelling and pronunciation skills. From second to fifth grade, students develop a knowledge of sentence structure, grammar, reading, and writing. Students practice writing personal narratives, poetry, and drama as well as explanatory, opinion, expository, and comparative essays. By the time Acellus Academy students enroll in middle school classes, they have a well-rounded understanding of the English language.

Acellus Academy Science Courses

Online Elementary Science

Elementary science teaches students to see and interpret the world. Starting in kindergarten, Acellus Academy students are introduced to earth and physical science, including plants, animals, and weather.

Throughout elementary school, students learn about different habitats, the ecosystem, life cycles, the Earth’s resources, space, and much more. Once Acellus Academy students complete Grade 5 Science, they know about the physical world and are set up for success in future science courses.

Each of our science courses includes lab videos that explain lessons and demonstrate scientific concepts through experimentation. These videos make concepts come to life for the students in an interesting, engaging manner.

Acellus Academy Social Studies Courses
Social Studies

Online Elementary Social Studies

Social studies provides a basis for how humans interact with one another. Acellus Academy kindergarteners learn about basic social interactions, needs versus wants, geography, countries, holidays and traditions, and technology.

From first to third grade, our students learn about various communities along with their celebrations, environments, and histories.

Grade 4 and Grade 5 Social Studies focuses on American history, government, and regions as well as introduces students to American wars, industrialization, civil rights, and more.

These courses set students up for success in future history and social studies classes.

Acellus Academy Elective Courses

Online Elementary Electives

Electives let students experiment with interests outside of the core subjects. At Acellus Academy, we offer our elementary students several different subject areas to explore further.

Our coding and engineering courses are designed to introduce STEM ideas to students at a young age. Ecology gives students a deeper look into the physical world by studying animals, plants, and ecosystems. Lastly, we offer music and art electives for students to explore their interest in the fine arts.

Acellus Health & Social Emotional Courses

Online Elementary Social Emotional Education

Acellus Academy offers a course for those interested in social and emotional education. Studies have proven that students who take these courses perform better in other classes because it improves attitudes and behaviors while reducing stress.

Social and Emotional:

Elementary Social and Emotional Health 1 
Elementary Social and Emotional Health 2 
Physical Education 

Acellus Academy Preschool Courses

Online Preschool Courses

Before enrolling young children in our online school, we recommend that students take our preschool level courses. The Pre-K curriculum will introduce concepts to preschool students, such as social interactions, letters and numbers, teamwork, and problem-solving. These courses familiarize young students with online schooling by slowly introducing topics and getting them acquainted with learning new things in an online setting.

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