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EdTech Certification Program

Become an Education Technology Specialist

K-12 education is undergoing a rapid transformation as technology re-invents the way teachers teach and the way students learn. At the forefront of this movement is an emerging field known as adaptive learning. Adaptive learning is an educational method which uses computer algorithms to deliver customized instruction to address the unique needs of each learner.

The growth of adaptive learning has resulted in a major shortage of people with expertise in the field. To fill this void, the EdTech Certification Program provides hands-on training on adaptive learning using Acellus. Recognized as a nationwide leader in adaptive learning, Acellus has brought this technology to millions of learners at thousands of schools.

In two years, students emerge from the EdTech Certification Program ready to go to work in the field. Included below is a summary of the skills you will develop on your path to becoming an EdTech.

  • Learn how to design and create adaptive educational courseware;
  • Analyze student responses to instructional methods and devise innovative ways of presenting lesson concepts to increase successful outcomes;
  • Provide support and training for teachers who are implementing adaptive learning in their classrooms; and
  • Become an Acellus Certified Administrator — this credential may be required to gain employment at school districts which extensively utilize Acellus.

Program Summary:

Program Length: 2 years
Format: On-campus

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