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Creating an Education Plan

VIDEO: Planning for High School Graduation

The best way to determine which courses your student needs to take is to create a High School Education Plan. This tool helps you to map out a plan of study based on your student’s career goals and interests. This option is available once the student is enrolled or is 13+.

  • If the student has completed credits through another school, the transcripts can be uploaded during this process.

Once you have signed in as a parent through the Acellus App. , select “Manage Enrollments”.


Then, click on “Create a Plan” under your student’s information.  (This option will not appear for students who are not at least 13.)


Follow the steps to enter in your student’s grade and goals/interests. Then you’ll be able to choose a pathway for graduation. (The system will suggest an option based on the information you provided earlier.)


If your student completed courses through another high school they may be transferrable. (If you will not be transferring credit you can skip down to the Plan of Study below.)

transfer credits1

To transfer credits, first enter the previous schools information. Then enter each transfer credit. (Only credits with a grade of C- or greater (or 70% and above) are eligible for transfer.)  Need help uploading a transcript?

Once you’ve added all the courses you’ll be transferring, click continue. Now you can upload your student’s transcript. You’ll need to confirm that the credits you’ve provided are correct and valid.

Now you are ready to set up the Plan of Study. This helps you map out what courses your student needs to take in order to graduate. Any transferred credits will be listed and included in the plan.


Select the courses you plan to have your student take through Acellus. There may be certain required credits based on your student’s pathway. These will be listed above each section.


You’ll be able to view the total credits at the end of the page before submitting the Plan of Study.

Once you have finished the Education Plan, you should have a clear path for your student. You can view or edit the plan at any time.
Applying for graduation2

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