Online Summer School Program (K-12)

Get ahead this summer with flexible, self-paced courses your student will love!


Achieve your Goals with High School Summer Courses!

Get a jump-start on next school year with core subjects.
 Earn missing credits needed to graduate on schedule.
 Prepare for college and careers with AP courses, and career building electives.

Since our courses are completely self-paced, students are able to study on weekends, during evenings, or at any time during your busy summer schedule.

Earn High School Credit

Take high school courses for credit this summer through Acellus Academy. Completed courses will appear on your student's official transcript, which lists grades and credits earned.

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Self-Paced & Flexible

Each course is self-paced, allowing students to spend extra time as needed to master each lesson concept. Families have the flexibility to plan and adjust their schedule as needed.

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Regionally Accredited

Acellus Academy is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Regional accreditation is the most widely recognized form of accreditation in the United States.

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Enrich your Summer with Elementary and Middle School Courses!

Elementary and Middle school summer courses are available for students to master core subjects over the summer, or advance their knowledge by studying empowering electives such as:

• Elementary Engineering
• Levels 1, 2, and 3 STEM Robotics and Coding Courses
• Foreign Languages
• PE, Social and Emotional Education
• Music

What makes Acellus Academy courses so effective?


Prism Diagnostics:  A Game-Changer in Effective Online Learning

In the same way a prism splits light into a spectrum of colors, Prism Diagnostics™, splits students into groups or spectrums based on similar deficiencies in their background knowledge.  When a student shows a deficiency in one of these spectrums, the system immediately calls up the Customized Personal Instruction (CPI) for that precise deficit to fill the gap in the student’s knowledge.


Professionally Filmed, Highly Engaging Videos – Making Online Learning Come Alive

Taught by some of America’s greatest teachers, Acellus videos are professionally filmed with some of the best equipment available in the cinematic industry.  The combination of incredible footage, outstanding teachers, and content that makes learning relevant to the real-world, makes Acellus videos captivating and interesting – igniting the student’s interest in learning.

Acellus Course Excerpts



Language Arts

Social Studies

Career & Technical Education


400+ Online Summer School Courses (K-12)

With hundreds of courses available in grades K-12, students may select courses that fulfill core academic requirements and pursue personal interests.

Health / Social & Emotional

– High School Health (1.0)
– High School Social Development – Level 1 (1.0)
– High School Social Skills – Level 2 (1.0)
– PE, Social and Emotional Education – High School (0.5)

Summer School Tuition Options

Roger Billings Mentoring Program Special Tuition*

Full Tuition

Monthly Tuition Rate



*Enrollment in the Roger Billings Mentoring Program is open to all students and includes all the same benefits provided under the Full Tuition option. To participate in the program, students must commit to watching weekly lectures which are broadcast live over the Internet. These sessions teach the importance of education and help students to understand how knowledge can empower their future.

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