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“When my son finished primary school, his dancing career boomed. He started traveling to different countries and performed very well. I could see his passion coming through.


The traditional schooling system began to clash with Navin’s schedule, but I needed him to keep focusing on his schooling in addition to his dancing.”

“I had Navin in an art school and I thought they would understand his passion for dance….but no, they did not. I had endless issues with the traditional schooling system. Navin was at a point where he hated school.

We came across Acellus Academy in 2019, whilst based in the U.S. We looked into what they had to offer and we found that this program would suit us. Acellus worked wonders for me; it was a big blessing. Thank you Acellus Academy, your program made it possible for my son to follow his passion, yet fit in his necessary high school studies. Happy child=happy parent.

Congratulations Navin! He has now successfully completed the requirements for graduation through Acellus Academy, and is off to Canada to go dance for another year full-time.”

– Gail J. 
Parent of an Acellus Academy Graduate

“Thank you Acellus Academy, your program made it possible for my son to follow his passion, yet fit in his necessary high school studies.

Happy child=happy parent.”


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Aysia & Natalie


Edouard –  Acellus Academy High School Student

NCAA Accreditation

Acellus Academy core courses have been reviewed and approved by NCAA. For a listing of eligible Acellus Academy courses, please visit the NCAA Eligibility Center.

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Each course is self-paced, allowing students to spend extra time as needed to master each lesson concept. Families have the flexibility to plan and adjust their schedule as needed.


Year-Round Enrollment

Year-Round Enrollment

Students may enroll in Acellus Academy at any time during the year. After enrolling, students will start at the beginning of each course and begin making their way toward graduation.


Accredited by WASC

Fully Accredited

Acellus Academy is regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Regional accreditation is the most widely recognized form of accreditation in the United States.


Acellus Academy Student Sophia

Sophia P. − Class of 2023
North Carolina, United States

Sophia’s dream was to pursue ballet at a professional level. As a high school freshman in 2019, she took ballet classes at night so she could focus on school during the day. However, this made it impossible for her to attend training classes held in the morning. Sophia did not want to lose sight of her ballet dream but also did not want impair her academics or lessen her ability to attend the college of her choice.

With encouragement from her teacher, Sophia enrolled in Acellus Academy, which allowed her the flexibility to train during the day while still keeping up with her schooling. Once she learned how to manage her time, she discovered she could maintain a rigorous training schedule of six days a week, complete all of her school work, and still have time to see her friends from school.

Before long, Sophia’s hard work paid off. She landed her first lead ballet role as Aurora in “Sleeping Beauty,” which gave her the opportunity to dance with a professional dancer as her partner. Over the next three years, she became an acclaimed ballerina, participating in summer dance intensives as well as landing the lead role for the “Nutcracker.”

Sophia not only excelled in dancing, but, through Acellus Academy, she was also able to excel academically. Rather than taking the easy path, she chose the honors pathway, with advanced curriculum and AP courses.

This year, Sophia graduated from Acellus Academy with honors and has been accepted by all of the colleges she has applied to, including her top three picks: Indiana University, University of Utah, and Butler University — universities that offer excellent ballet programs. Butler University was so impressed with Sophia’s academic performance and GPA that they offered her a scholarship worth $84K.

Acellus Academy Student Will

William W.
Acellus Academy Student

“Will enrolled into Acellus Academy from public school, due to the pandemic and the uncertainty with school and how it would go on. After discussion and looking at many programs, Acellus Academy had all the right answers.”

“Will just went 8-0 at the National Middle School Duals in Toledo, Ohio and earned Gold – All American! He is currently ranked the number 3 wrestler at 56 lbs in the country. Acellus Academy has allowed Will the freedom to complete his school work with ease and ensure he keeps his rigorous training schedule. One of the biggest perks with Acellus, is that he is not tied down with someone else’s schedule. When Will has a wrestling tournament, he is able to complete his school work accordingly and not have to worry about falling behind because of a missed day of school, like he had in the past.

Acellus is not just a way to go to school, but it allows elite athletes the ability to accomplish their athletic goals – and most importantly, their academic goals.”

Billy W. − Parent
New Jersey, United States

Emma R - Acellus Academy Graduate

Emma R. − Class of 2020
Acellus Academy Graduate

“My journey with Acellus Academy started back in 2014 when I was in sixth grade. I was attending a traditional public school and wanted to start training to become a professional ballet dancer. I feel fortunate that I was able to start online school with Acellus Academy.”

“The adaptability of the program enabled me to start training more hours while still allowing me to continue my education. In 2017, I fractured my vertebrae which inhibited me from walking and leaving the house for many months. In 2018, I developed other medical issues which made schooling difficult with doctor’s appointments and treatments. With the ease and flexibility of Acellus Academy, I was able to continue my studies at my own pace while I was recovering.

Not only was I able to continue high school without falling behind, but I was also able to graduate one year early. I am so grateful for Acellus Academy!”

Emma R. − Student
Texas, United States

Online School with the Flexibility You Need

Acellus Academy provides courses that are completely self-paced, allowing students to work at their own schedule and at their own speed.

From kindergarten through high school, Acellus Academy provides a rigorous academic experience that is individualized and tailored to each student’s unique learning needs.

Acellus Academy Flexible Online Learning

Professionally Filmed, Highly-Engaging Video Lessons

Taught by some of America’s greatest teachers, Acellus courses incorporate professionally filmed video lessons with some of the best equipment available in the cinematic industry. The combination of incredible footage, outstanding teachers, and content that makes learning relevant to the real-world, makes each lesson captivating and interesting – igniting students’ passion for learning.



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student mentoring

Roger Billings Mentoring Program Scholarship

Dr. Roger Billings, Acellus Chairman, has been a lifelong supporter of enhancing education.

To continue his efforts, Dr. Billings created the Roger Billings Scholarship Program as a way to support students enrolled in the Acellus Academy online school.

The program includes a scholarship as well as mentoring guidance from Dr. Billings himself. The scholarship gives financial assistance to kindergarten through high school students who are enrolled in Acellus Academy. To qualify for the scholarship program, students must agree to participate in weekly lectures, which are broadcast via the Internet, while they are taking online classes through Acellus Academy.

Dr. Roger Billings, Creator of Acellus.

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