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STEM-10:  Preparing Students for Careers in STEM


The New Literacy

Coding is becoming the new literacy in our technology-driven world. Acellus Academy offers a comprehensive STEM curriculum led by expert instructors, to empower students with the knowledge and skills they will need to excel in the ever-evolving fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Through innovative approaches and hands-on learning experiences, we cultivate a passion for discovery and problem-solving, ensuring our students are well-prepared to meet the demands of tomorrow’s competitive job market.

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Acellus STEM-10

Adopted by schools nationwide, Acellus STEM-10 program is a comprehensive 10-year curriculum that empowers students with the knowledge and expertise needed for a successful career in programming or further education in STEM-related fields.

Acellus Academy is proud to offer Acellus STEM-10 courses to our students at no additional tuition cost. Purchase of a robot is optional. Alternatively, STEM-10 courses may be completed using the simulated robot.

Acellus STEM-10 Pathways

Acellus Academy STEM 10

Beginning in the third grade, students are immersed in hands-on learning using interactive robots that teach the fundamentals of coding. Building on this foundation year-by year, students advance their knowledge and coding skills to become job-ready when graduating from high school.

Sample Lesson: Dancing Robot

STEM-1: Introduction to Coding

In the first year of STEM-10, students gradually learn the fundamental principles of coding. The course begins by establishing a solid foundation in coding concepts. Students are then introduced to Cellus Bot, a code-teaching robot equipped with lights, motors, and sensors, which they learn to control using block coding modules. As students progress through the course, they quickly acquire more advanced skills and tackle increasingly complex functions.

Sample Lesson: Hide and Seek

STEM-2: JavaScript

In STEM 2, students are introduced to AC-D2, an impressive new dancing robot. AC-D2 is equipped with snazzy lights, ultrasound sensors, and multiple motors, allowing it to showcase its moves on the dance floor with approximately 10,000 possible step combinations. Through the Level 2 Acellus coding course, students can master the syntax needed to program in JavaScript, enabling them to engage in serious coding tasks that control the robot’s personality and movements, advancing their coding skills to the next level.

Sample Lesson: Completing a Circuit

STEM-3: Electronics & Coding

Electronics is a crucial technology that underpins our modern world.  STEM-3 delves into the fascinating world of electricity, exploring how it powers computers and robotics. Through this comprehensive program, students will gain an understanding of fundamental concepts like voltage, current, resistance, and capacitance. Building upon their JavaScript skills from our previous STEM course, students will also learn to integrate electronics and coding concepts, showcasing how they work together to shape real-world applications.


STEM-10 Educational Robots

Custom Acellus robots, specifically designed to complement the STEM-1 and STEM-2 courses are available for purchase in the Acellus Store. While the courses already provide an on-screen robot simulator, adding a physical robot takes the coding experience to an entirely new level. By incorporating a tangible robot, students can gain a deeper understanding of how their code impacts things in the real world, further augmenting their educational experience.

Acellus Gold incentivizes learning.

Cellus Bot and AC-D2 are custom-designed robots for use with the Acellus STEM-1 and STEM-2 Level courses.

Acellus STEM Activities


Acellus STEM Learning Activities

In addition to STEM-10 courses, Acellus Academy offers students the opportunity to engage in STEM-related activities once they have completed their daily goals. These captivating activities not only foster an interest in STEM but also serve as a powerful motivation for students to accomplish their daily class assignments.

Student Spotlights

Cellus Bot Teaches Acellus Academy Students to Code

Cellus Bot is a code-teaching robot that is used in conjunction with Acellus STEM-1: Introduction to Coding. Watch as Acellus Academy students learn to code by programming the robot to move and dance! In the first level of Acellus STEM-10, students are immersed in coding fundamentals with a block coding interface. This allows young learners to create programs and explore the basics of coding while still learning code syntax.

Meet Cellus Bot

Meet Mufaro from Zimbabwe

Preparing for a Career in STEM

Mufaro has been enrolled with Acellus for the past two years in Zimbabwe in southern Africa. His preferred subjects—math, social studies, and coding—have paved the way for a transformative educational experience. Coding, in particular, has become a source of inspiration for him, shifting his perspective from challenges being insurmountable to viewing them as opportunities for growth. Under the guidance of his teacher Dr. John, Mufaro not only learned to program a robot to dance but is also writing code to make his own family website. Mufaro stands as a shining example, embodying the values of persistence and hard work that Acellus fosters.

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