Online Elementary School for 1st Grade Students

Self-paced, engaging, video-based courses that spark your child’s love for learning.


First Grade Overview

Acellus Academy knows how critical first grade is in a young student’s academic development. Our curriculum gives our first grade students an experience that spurs excitement around their courses and keeps them asking questions.

First grade courses build from what students learn in kindergarten courses while teaching students valuable concepts that they will use as a foundation for the rest of their education. These concepts are in the core subjects of language arts and reading, mathematics, science, and social studies. First graders can also choose from several different elective courses.

Acellus 10th Grade Courses include core classes, electives, and CTE.

our Courses

Subjects Offered in Acellus Academy’s Online 1st Grade Program

Acellus Academy works with the most qualified teachers in the country to make sure each first grade course keeps students on track compared to peers in traditional school settings. Each online course has several key objectives for students to meet before graduating to higher-level courses. These course objectives are as follows:


  • Language Arts and Reading: First grade is an important time when students make noticeable progress in reading and writing. They learn to spell common words, read syllables, and study vowels and consonants. Students further develop their knowledge of sentence structure and parts of speech as well as their reading and writing skills.
  • Science: Grade 1 Science allows students to explore the natural world through lessons on habitat, life cycles, earth’s resources, and weather. The course also introduces energy and technology.
  • Mathematics: In our first grade math course, students establish a strong basis for mathematical principles, including addition, subtraction through the number 20, whole number relationships and place value, linear measurement, measuring lengths, and geometric shapes.
  • Social Studies: Our Grade 1 Social Studies course focuses on developing students’ understanding of social interactions among friends, family, and communities.

1st Grade Course Structure

Acellus Academy uses an engaging instructional format to teach students fundamentals in writing and reading the English language, applying math concepts, understanding social interactions, and engaging with the natural world. We have created captivating videos and interactive course materials that will keep the attention of even the youngest students.

The Acellus Learning System uses the Learning Accelerator and Prism Diagnostics to provide each student with a unique educational experience. Special help videos and sample problems give students extra practice when necessary, so every first grade student masters the concepts before moving on to more in-depth courses. Practice problems, reviews, and exams give students the opportunity to apply what they learn, while our student interface tracks progress to ensure they are on track with their peers.

Acellus Academy Online Elementary School for 1st Grade

Enrolling Your 1st Grade Student in Acellus Academy

The admissions process for first grade students is straightforward. Acellus Academy offers open enrollment so that parents can enroll their students at any time. Once students are enrolled, they can begin their coursework immediately.

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Independent Study


Each course is self-paced, allowing students to spend extra time as needed to master each lesson concept. Families have the flexibility to plan and adjust their schedule as needed.


Year-Round Enrollment

Year-Round Enrollment

Students may enroll in Acellus Academy at any time during the year. After enrolling, students will start at the beginning of each course and begin making their way toward graduation.


Accredited by WASC

Accredited By WASC

Acellus Academy is Fully Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) – a regional accreditation agency.

Vectored Instruction®

Filling Foundational Gaps for Student Success

As students are progressing through a course, sometimes they lack the foundational skills needed to successfully complete the material. If students are stuck, Acellus analyzes which foundational concepts they need to review in order to master the grade level concepts they are struggling with. Vectored Instruction is then prescribed to fill in those gaps, going as deep as required to rebuild their foundational understanding, allowing them to move forward in their education. 

Vectored Instruction fills in missing concepts.

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