Flexible Online Schooling for Students with Medical Challenges

Acellus Academy provides a flexible online school experience for students facing medical challenges. Study at your pace, on your schedule.

Andrea’s daughter had medical issues that prevented her from keeping up with traditional public school. Switching to Acellus Academy gave her the freedom to study from home on her own schedule.

“We chose Acellus due to my daughter having multiple medical issues that just weren’t conducive with traditional public school.

We love Acellus because it is flexible/on-demand, so when she feels good she can work ahead and when she doesn’t there isn’t the stress of getting behind for her. Love it and wish we would have done it sooner! 

Using Acellus has been such a relief for our family. It has dramatically decreased the stress of trying to maintain/keep up with public school demands.”

– Andrea
Credit: Acellus Academy – Official Parent Support Group, Facebook

We love Acellus because it is flexible/on-demand, so when she feels good she can work ahead and when she doesn’t there isn’t the stress of getting behind…

Independent Study


Each course is self-paced, allowing students to spend extra time as needed to master each lesson concept. Families have the flexibility to plan and adjust their schedule as needed.


Year-Round Enrollment

Year-Round Enrollment

Students may enroll in Acellus Academy at any time during the year. After enrolling, students will start at the beginning of each course and begin making their way toward graduation.


Accredited by WASC

Fully Accredited

Acellus Academy is regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Regional accreditation is the most widely recognized form of accreditation in the United States.



Study When & Where You
Feel Your Best

Acellus Academy can help you prevent your child from falling behind in schoolwork. Whether you are at home or at the hospital, your student can complete classes on the schedule that works best for your family.

From kindergarten through high school, Acellus Academy provides a rigorous academic experience that is individualized and tailored to each student’s unique learning needs.

Professionally Filmed, Highly-Engaging Video Lessons

Taught by some of America’s greatest teachers, Acellus courses incorporate professionally filmed video lessons with some of the best equipment available in the cinematic industry. The combination of incredible footage, outstanding teachers, and content that makes learning relevant to the real-world, makes each lesson captivating and interesting – igniting students’ passion for learning.



Language Arts

Social Studies

Career & Tech Education


student mentoring

Roger Billings Mentoring Program Scholarship

Dr. Roger Billings, Acellus Chairman, has been a lifelong supporter of enhancing education.

To continue his efforts, Dr. Billings created the Roger Billings Scholarship Program as a way to support students enrolled in the Acellus Academy online school.

The program includes a scholarship as well as mentoring guidance from Dr. Billings himself. The scholarship gives financial assistance to kindergarten through high school students who are enrolled in Acellus Academy. To qualify for the scholarship program, students must agree to participate in weekly lectures, which are broadcast via the Internet, while they are taking online classes through Acellus Academy.

Dr. Roger Billings, Creator of Acellus.

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