Homeschool Program Overview

Acellus Academy offers a home school, parent-support program that is intended to aid parents in teaching their children from home. Under the program, students receive access to a complete set of online courses for an affordable monthly fee.

Program Benefits
  • Parents may choose from over 200 self-paced, interactive, online courses.
  • Courses are available for grades K-12 and cover all core areas, plus electives.
  • Acellus courses are standards-based and provide a complete online curriculum.
  • Courses are available in Common Core or Non-Common Core editions so that parents may choose between the two.
  • Each course includes video-based lessons, practice problems, and exams. Onsite lesson plans are available to provide hands-on activities and assignments for students. Many courses also incorporate memorization drills, digital books, and other media.
  • Parents may monitor student progress and print detailed reports on scores and attendance.
  • Each answer a student enters into the system is logged so that parents can review student work and provide assistance as needed.
  • Support is available to parents via telephone, email, and live chat

Parent Responsibilities
  • Parents are responsible for complying with their state’s homeschool requirements and guidelines for any student they enroll in the program.
  • Parents should inform their local school district of their decision to homeschool and file a notice of intent when required by their state.
  • Each parent is ultimately responsible for the education of their student since they are independently operating their own “school” from home. Acellus Academy provides support to aid parents in teaching their student.

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