Student Experience

Acellus Academy delivers its courses through an intuitive student interface. Students begin their experience by watching a video-based orientation that provides guidance on navigating the student interface and explains how to the use the help resources provided.

Within each course, students are provided with “lessons” that encompass all the resources to teach, convey, reinforce, and help the student learn and master a concept.

Each lesson begins with a video lecture in which a teacher presents a single, specific concept or a few concepts that are tightly intertwined. Acellus high-resolution videos give students the information and instruction they need to master the course material. This provides a unique opportunity for the teacher to engage students in a concentrated way, which creates the feeling of a one-on-one learning experience. Multimedia, animations, and audio are all utilized to help the teacher effectively communicate the concept of each lesson and motivate the student to engage in authentic interactive learning.

In this way, Acellus brings the most effective teaching from some of the nation’s finest teachers to every student.

Upon completion of the lesson video, students experience problems to assess their understanding of the material and to add rigor to the course. These problems are carefully crafted to determine students’ mastery of the lesson concept. In cases where the student enters an answer that is incorrect, Acellus utilizes Deficiency Diagnostics to analyze the response for specific holes that may exist in the student’s prior learning. If the incorrect answer reveals a specific mis-understanding, targeted instruction is delivered in the format of a special video lesson to remedy the deficiency.

Students can see the progress they are making in each class, and their score for each class. Students are able to access Acellus via the web, allowing them to work wherever they have Internet access.

VIDEO: The Student Experience

Tiered Levels of Instruction

Acellus courses incorporate tiered levels of instruction by providing students with more than one video lesson for each concept. These multiple video lessons dig deeper with targeted instruction and are given the designation of A, B, and C videos. The Acellus system automatically integrates these special video lessons into a student’s individualized and personalized instructional study, depending on individual need.

Amy Hillman Acellus Elementary Science Teacher

What makes Acellus courses so engaging?

Acellus courses are taught by some of America’s greatest teachers. These instructors have expertise in conveying knowledge, and even “hard to grasp” concepts, through video instruction. Through the combination of excellent instruction and immediate feedback, students are quickly able to start experiencing success within their coursework.

Onsite Lessons

Special Lessons are also provided within each course to enrich the student learning experience with hands-on projects and activities. These assignments range from writing assignments, research projects, educational games, hands-on experiments, and more.

Swiss Cheese Problems

Find the Holes in Your Student’s Knowledge

In Acellus, we create special problems for the purpose of identifying where a student has a hole in their background knowledge that’s making it hard for them to learn a particular concept. This special kind of a problem in Acellus we call a “Swiss Cheese Problem,” because it helps us find holes in a student’s understanding.

VIDEO: Swiss Cheese Problems

Help Videos

Special help videos are integrated into the course content for concepts students have difficulty with. These videos not only help the student master the content, but provide the student with “real world” scenarios, creating a meaningful context for obscure concepts.

SAMPLE HELP VIDEO: Understanding Probability

Five-Star Courses

Acellus has launched a new initiative to create courses that are “five star” in the way that they help students grasp and master concepts. The lessons are filmed in a diversity of locations with only the best and most qualified instructors, keeping them fun and exciting so that both students and onsite teachers will rate the courses as 5 stars.

Video: 5 Star CoursesVIDEO: Five-Star Courses