Create a High School Education Plan

Are you thinking about enrolling a high school student in Acellus Academy? As a first step, we recommend creating an education plan for your student.

Purpose of an Education Plan:

The education planning process provides families with comprehensive information that includes the following elements:

  • Plan of Study - Provides a chronological listing of the courses a student will take once enrolled
  • Graduation Pathway - We’ll recommend a graduation pathway and provide an estimated time to graduation
  • Credit Summary - Summary of high school credits to be imported from other schools
  • College / Career Planning - Personalized recommendations to help your student achieve their after graduation goals
  • Tuition & Fees - Provides a listing of the costs associated with enrollment
Information Required:

  • Student information (name, date of birth, etc.)
  • Record of any high school work already completed by the student for which transfer credit will be requested
  • A knowledge of the student’s interests and college / career goals

There is no cost for creating a High School Education Plan.